Seeds of Change

I am writing in honor of my mother, who celebrates her birthday today.

I’ve been thinking a lot about her and the role she has played in my life.  She is a beautiful, generous, humble, quiet woman with great love for her family, a passion for wellness and more knowledge about nutrition than I will ever have. Over the years, all she has learned she has given away.  I have been the recipient of countless emails, magazine articles, web site links, cookbooks, books, words of wisdom, hand-written and hand-typed summaries of topics I have expressed interest in, and so much more.  I have always willingly received her health and nutrition wisdom, as long as it didn’t feel ‘alternative’ to my traditional medical training, but balked at her attempts to talk to me about supplementation.  It’s easy for me to understand why I balked.  Not only did I get very little focused training in nutrition during medical school, but I also believed that I, along with everyone else, could, and should, get the nutrients that we need from the foods we eat.

About a year ago I dove head first into wellness, learning all that I could about the faith and health connection, stress, nutrition, supplementation, and, most recently, brain health.  The other day I remarked to a friend that I feel as though, in the area of nutrition and wellness, my blinders have been ripped off and that now I see so much differently.  But the truth is, my blinders were never ripped off.  I can look back and clearly trace the pattern of the many seeds planted over time, mostly by my mother, that had been growing little by little and were finally starting to bear fruit.

Milkweed in the fall, by Wendy Pogonowski
Milkweed in the fall, by Wendy Pogonowski

My transformation has been more like the milkweed plant pictured here, which grows slowly over time and then bursts forth with hundreds of tiny seeds that are carried away with the wind.

So, mom, I want to thank you for speaking into my life.  So many of your seeds took root and now look what you’ve started!  I have used the information you have given to me as I have reached out to others, and those ‘others’ that have been impacted by it are passing it on in their own way and in their own time as they grow.  If any of my friends are reading this and have a copy of Dr. Ann’s Eat Well for Life or Eat Right for Life – The Family Plan, know that the recommendation for this transformational book  came first from my mother.

On a separate, and yet more important note, I am so thankful for the seeds of faith that you have planted in my heart over all of these years.  When it comes to harvesting, one never reaps in the same season that he or she plants.  The seeds of faith that you planted, and your prayers for the harvest in my life, did not begin to come to fruition until I became a mom myself.  This gives me great encouragement to keep on planting seeds in the lives of others and praying for the God of the harvest to grow them in His time, not mine.



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